Our Lobster

Lobster. Fresh lobster. Delicious! The most tasteful crustacean ever. We just can’t get enough of it! Although, if we’re not very careful, one day it just might be enough…

At The Lobster & Ox in Eindhoven we serve Canadian lobsters from St Mary’s Bay. A very tasty and even a bit sweet ‘hard shell’ lobster which is caught in a modern and sustainable way. Not exactly as in the early days.

In tiny villages with notorious names as ‘Smuglers Cove’, fishing lobster in the clear and nutricious waters of the Bay was extremely common. It was even so common that the crustacean was known as the ‘food for he poor’. There was just plenty. More than plenty. Poverty was recognizable by the amount of shells and claws in front of the front door. The demand did not decline during the last few centuries.

Fortunately nowadays the lobstercatch is strictly regulated. The population and the catchingmethods are are being checked constantly. The worldwide immensely beloved lobsters are being caught in cages made of biodistructable material which ‘opens’ itself when it took the fisherman too long to open the cages themselves. Female lobsters with eggs are put back. And all the lobsters that were caught but not yet sold, are returned in basins so there will be enough lobsters during the mating seasons.  

In short, at The Lobster & Ox we chose for a delicious ánd sustainable lobster. Gratinated with cheese (Termidor), Bangkok Style or just ‘au naturel’ with homemade lime mayonnaise? Or an irresistable combination with our famous Premium Marbled Reserve 100% Black Angus beef? This is your chance to test your taste palate to the max! Enjoy!