our ox

Of course we had a good reason to name our restaurant ‘The Lobster & Ox’! We wanted the name because we are so incredibly proud of the products we work with. And we’re especially proud of ‘our’ beef:  the Australian Premium Marbled Reserve (PMR) beef from the Rangers Valley. Probably the best meat in the entire world!

We are the only restaurant in Eindhoven that serves this incredible and beautiful 100% whole blood Angus Beef.  So here is the ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for the lovers of truly tasteful beef!. You do not need anything more than a little pinch of salt and pepper for a true taste sensation. Seriously, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

What makes our beef so special? The PMR ox is being treated with passion and love on the 30.000 m2 terrain of Rangers Valley. As soon as the animal is ready for the special feeding-program, it is fed with grain for 270 days (!). This creates more fat and that means ‘more taste’. Especially when you prepare it the proper way.

At The Lobster & Ox we work with the so called ‘Josper’, a Spanish combination between a grill and an oven which works on charcoal. This Josper is much hotter than an oven and closes up the beef much faster. This way the fats and the taste will remain in the meat. Exactly what you want when you are a fan of real tender and tasty beef!

Still not convinced? Ask us for our opinion and we will melt as well. We tasted it already! Now is your chance! Take it. And enjoy.