Welcome to Eindhovens’ most trendy restaurant! Having lunch or dinner at the Lobster & Ox is more than just eating and drinking. It’s a lot more. The Lobster & Ox presents a unique culinary, tasteful and visual experience you will not lightly forget. 

In our restaurant on the ground floor you can enjoy our specialties of the house in a relaxed and trendy setting; St Mary’s Bay Lobster and our famous Premium Marbled Reserve Beef (PMR). With all the passion they’ve got, our chefs will prepare lunch and dinner, using only fresh and the best ingredients.

At the Lobster & Ox we're think drinking is just as important as eating. We offer an excellent opportunity to treat yourself (and your guests!) with the best wines and champagnes you can find in Eindhoven. Dom Perignon, Veuve, XO’s or just a great cup of coffee, we are happy to serve you.

And what if you don’t fancy dinner? Just go upstairs to our magnificent cocktailbar on the first floor for your favourite cocktail or mocktail ! Our bartender knows exactly what he’s doing and is willing to surprise you.

Having dinner, drinking the best wines with your friends and family or just having a cocktail: our setting and our interior is nowhere else to be found in the Eindhoven region. With fresh lobster and the most beautiful Black Angus beef in the world. Please come by, be surprised and enjoy!